Longjoin Business School

The cradle of talent cultivation and development, the drive for the
continuous improvement of Longjoin core competitiveness

Long Join
Business school

Longjoin Business School

Longjoin Business School

Longjoin Business School is a comprehensive business college established by Longjoin Group, with the vision of “becoming the cradle for Longjoin to cultivate and develop talents and the actuator for Longjoin to continuously enhance its core competitiveness”. York Chan, Board Chairman of Longjoin Group, serves as the dean of Longjoin Business School, followed by the Leading Committee (Strategic Decision-making Committee) and the Executive Dean. Longjoin Business School consists of three branch colleges and one comprehensive management center, namely Feilong (Management) College, Jiaolong (Technology) College, Zhanlong (Marketing) College and Yulong (Comprehensive Management) Center.

College purpose

  • Talent Cultivation

    Talent Cultivation

    Becoming the cradle for Longjoin to cultivate and develop talents and the actuator for Longjoin to continuously enhance its core competitiveness

  • Cultural Heritage

    Cultural Heritage

    Being devoted to the construction of unified corporate culture and paying attention to the spreading and practicing of corporate culture so as to improve Longjoin’s centripetal force

  • Strategic Realization

    Strategic Realization

    Promoting realization of corporate strategies and improvement of corporate performance with a practical work style of “according with strategies and performance”

  • Organizational Reform

    Organizational Reform

    Integrating advanced industrial management concepts and management practice to facilitate organizational reform and improvement of management ability

College structure

College structure
  • Feilong(management)


    Management knowledge: Provide different management knowledge and skills training for managers at different levels: high, medium and basic levels, to improve the management and leadership qualities of managers; to determine the annual general management skills training according to the annual business and operational performances.

    Corporate culture and institutional processes: In order to promote new or improved corporate culture, management systems, implementation of new management methods and behavioral standards. The content includes: employee behavior standards, codes of conduct, etc.; training in management system processes, etc.

    Mentality quality category: training for employees to establish a correct outlook on life, correct employees' work attitude, good task planning, employee loyalty, and exercise their awareness.

    Reserve officials: management talents that address the company's realities and future development needs, focusing on each business system. The training focuses on solving the deficiencies at work, solving problems in actual work and future training, role exchanges, management skills training, etc.

    New employee training: Before the new employees start, human resources and the relevant departments arrange a general orientation training, such as: corporate culture, the studying of the company's personnel administration system.

    Qualification training: Encourage employees to obtain certificates. The group and various sub- companies and business schools create opportunities to improve their knowledge. Each year, they provide training and assessment support for these employees. Qualified employees are eligible for reimbursement. Failure to do so will not be reimbursed in principle.

  • Jiaolong(Techonology)


    Job Skills: staff of different functional departments update their professional knowledge in a timely manner and constantly upgrade their post professional skills.

    New employee training: new employee entry, pre-job skills training (all companies need to organize their own training, or with the help of business school arrangements), to provide systematic and complete business knowledge and skills training for new employees.

    New process and management standards: process technology, management standards and equipment updates, in order to meet the needs of products and markets, with a series of systematic, directional knowledge training.

    Reserve official category: to solve the lack of product awareness within reserve officials at work, of understanding of production process, focusing on the upgrading of vocational skills / technology, and knowledge consolidation.

    Education: According to business needs and the needs of the Group's development strategy, it will be arranged so outstanding staffs, mid/senior management personnel can participate in specified assignment training, with the content of current course in university and postgraduate (MBA).

  • Zhanlong(Marketing)


    Marketing copywriting category: to train marketing staff's copywriting and writing skills, so to master better copywriting planning skills, in order to improve marketing success rate, and enhance brand market value.

    Large customer marketing: to meet the needs of market environment changes, to effectively improve the marketing and service capabilities of marketing personnel.

    Storefront Marketing: Satisfy the reasons for online competition due to different market conditions, sales and communication skills and capabilities for store salespeople, enhanced service awareness, and anti-stress sales mentality training.

    Internet marketing: to meet market demand, for brand marketing and promotion of online marketing personnel, channel development, network marketing communication skills, line above cases and other training.

    Market Strategy: To meet the needs of market competition, to win market share, improve customer satisfaction, and train marketing system strategies for marketing and marketing management and senior management.

  • Yulong(Comprehensive Management)College

    Yulong(Comprehensive Management)College

    Responsible for the construction of policy management system, training agreement, lecturer and course system, and cooperate with the daily administrative and financial management of business school.

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Classic lesson review

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