About Longjoin Gruop

A world-class platform in the musical culture industry

Longjoin introduction

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    Three major production bases in Dongguan, Zhanjiang, Guangzhou. Cover the area of 363 mu

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    Progressing forward with 40
    subsidiaries Music industry fully covered

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    30 years of video and audio technology breakthrough and innovation

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    Taking the lead in industry with more than 300 technology invention patents

About Longjoin Gruop

A world-class integrated platform in the musical culture industry

Longjoin Group is a professional enterprise devoted to the global audio and video industry and building a world-class integrated platform in the musical culture industry. In 1989, Longjoin Group’s business started in Guangdong. After 30 years’ hard work and progress, it has become a high-tech group company integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales, service, cultural transmission, personal experience and training in the music and culture fields with diversified development. At present, it owns 40 subsidiaries and more than 300 technical patents.

Longjoin Group is headquartered in Dalingshan Town, Dongguan, covering a total floor area of 28,000m2 with an area of the garden-style plant reaching 60,000m2. Having been adhering to the green development concept, Longjoin will first take environmental protection and harmonious coexistence with the nature into account for the planned Longjoin Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Zone of more than apprx 213,000m2 in Zhanjiang.

2016 is an important year in the development history of Longjoin. group founder Mr. York Chan joined hands with former Tianhe group led by Mr. John Feng to rebuild Longjoin Group. Relying on their unique personality charm, the leading team was determined to forge ahead with one mind to make Longjoin Group bigger and stronger and create a new era of Longjoin.

Zhanjiang base

It has more than 320mu (approx. 214,400 sqm) Longjoin intelligent industry production area, with the advanced awareness of environmental protection, natural harmony as primary concept in design.

Dongguan base

Located in Dalingshan town. A garden-styled industry park, it is a fast-developing, experienced and innovative, high-tech base with an easy access and beautiful surrounding.

Guangzhou base

Guangzhou HO-Chic Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. is a large all-in-one group that combined product R&D, technology training, production and sales, with an area of 120,000 sqm.

  • Zhanjiang base
  • Dongguan base
  • Guangzhou base
Keeping on Innovation to Survive

Keeping on Innovation to Survive

Innovation is a footstone for an enterprise’s development and growth. Since its birth, Longjoin has continuously reinforced scientific research and has been paying attention to the transformation of scientific research achievements. It has evolved from an industrial standard follower to a leader and to a maker. Longjoin has passed the TS16949, ISO9000 and ISO14001 international certification and won such honors as “National High-tech Enterprise”, “Guangdong Private Science & Technology Enterprise”, “Guangdong Enterprise Association for Science and Technology”, “Guangdong 323 High-growth Enterprise”, “Guangdong High-tech Enterprise” and “Guangdong Enterprise Observing Contract and Valuing Credit”. In addition, it has cooperated with universities and colleges to establish innovative cultivation bases for graduate students.

In the past 28 glorious years, Longjoin has been making great efforts resolutely. It tries to ensure that each product has stable internal quality, good appearance quality and precise physical quality and realize “zero defect” of its products with an attitude of “zero tolerance” towards quality flaw.

Taking Root in Technology and Professional Manufacturing

Taking Root in Technology and Professional Manufacturing

Longjoin has gathered a great number of professionals in the manufacturing industry, adopts rigorous production management, strict production technology and advanced automatic production lines, and has won glory for its six high-tech products. Longjoin not only manufactures audio and video equipment but also provides most authoritative and prospective total solutions to the intelligent audio and video engineering systems for customers.

Facing complicated and varied international market and constantly innovative industrial transformation, Longjoin people have been adhering to the concept of going global and continuously creating high-quality products to make contributions to the world. While standing steadily on the international market, Longjoin has been expanding over-seas market. Relying on online and offline all-domain sales network, engineering project undertaking and product app-lication and promotion, Longjoin has formed an indivisibleprofit community.

Cross-field Development with Culture Forging Swords

Cross-field Development with Culture Forging Swords

Through integrating all powerful resources and continuous innovation in business mode, Longjoin has formed a professional service system with perfect functions in such full industry chains as entertainment, films and televisions, cultural media, Internet service, and intelligent audio and video engineering.

Longjoin people clearly know the true meaning of service and the connotation of culture. Longjoin Business School regularly conducts staff training to improve Longjoin employees’ comprehensive quality. Longjoin has initiated e-paper Longjoin TIMES and Electronic Musicer to strengthen its cohesion and enrich its employees’ spare-time cultural life.Employees become glorious because of their enterprise, and an enterprise becomes prosperous because of its employees. Longjoin has established its Association for Science and Technology, Party Committee, Labor Union, Committee for Caring for Employees and other organizations and has won such titles as “National Enterprise Association for Science and Technology”, “Guangdong Advanced Enterprise Labor Union” and “Guangdong Employee-satisfied Enterprise”.

Longjoin’s Action with the Public Benefit Strategy

Longjoin’s Action with the Public Benefit Strategy

Longjoin’s development has received concern and support from all sectors of society. Meanwhile, staying true to the mission and actively undertaking social responsibility has become Longjoin people’s conscious action. In such social and public welfare undertakings as donating to assist the impoverished students, earthquake relief, visiting the aged, caring about children and helping the poor and the vulnerable, you can find Longjoin people.

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