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SCI-LINE participated in the 2018 South China Building Smart Innovation Forum

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With the advent of the digital information age, intelligent buildings have become the mainstream and development direction of the 21st century construction industry. However, in smart buildings, there are many subsystems and equipment, brands, and complex standards. There is basically no unified communication protocol and interface standard, so information integration has come to a bottleneck.

Longjoin Group

Longjoin Group

In the past ten years of Smart building construction, a number of smart buildings with high technical level, complete facilities, obvious benefits and management have been built. With the training and practicing of engineering over the past few years, we have cultivated a large number of design and installation technicians who are close to the international level. Here, we should also include Chinese technicians working in foreign companies, as well as a large number of system integrators who can access the latest technological achievements earlier and faster, and can share the most advanced technologies and experiences as quickly as possible.

Therefore, the South China Building Smart Innovation Forum was held in Shenzhen yesterday, so that more people in need can further understanding and communication. On the day of the event, many people from various industries participated in the forum, and the organizers also set up a product display area for everyone to have a better understanding and chance to communicate. As a part of the integrated system, SCI-LINE Technology is enthusiastically participating and demonstrating their strong system integration, there were a considerable amount of people consulting and communicating. In this wonderful forum, SCI-LIN Technology has also learned much from other related industries and the direction trending of the times.

Longjoin Group

Longjoin Group

In the face of the tide wave of the information age in the 21st century, SCI-LIN Technology faces strong challenge, which is how our system integration industry adapts to the requirements of the information age and transforms itself. In this transformation, SCI-LINE Technology will play a role of pioneer. Going forward, with a prospective vision.

South China Smart Building Innovation Forum

Shenzhen Station: conference time May 22 14:00-18:00

Address: Multi-function Hall, 2nd Floor, Shenzhen Pavilion Hotel

Guangzhou Station: conference time May 24 14:00-18:00

Address: Ballroom, 3rd Floor, Guangzhou Grand International Hotel, No. 468, Tianhe North Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

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