Longjoin industry layout

28 years of focus on music innovation,
29 subsidiaries to cover industry chain,
to form exceptionality with outstanding capacity.

Long Join
Group Industry

  • R&D Plate

    Keeping on Innovation to Survive

    Innovation is a footstone for an enterprise’s development and growth. Since its birth, Longjoin has continuously reinforced scientific research and has been paying attention to the transformation of scientific research achievements. It has evolved from an industrial standard follower to a leader and to a maker.

    R&D Plate
  • Manufacturing Plate

    Taking Root in Technology and Professional Manufacturing

    Longjoin has gathered a great number of professionals in the manufacturing industry, adopts rigorous production management, strict production technology and advanced automatic production lines, and has won glory for its six high-tech products. Longjoin not only manufactures audio and video equipment but also provides most authoritative and prospective total solutions to the intelligent audio and video engineering systems for customers.

    Manufacturing Plate
  • Sales Plate

    Strong alliance for world class competitions.

    From exceptional to excellent, a strong management team is the key, attentive to talents, refinement of management lead Longjoin to become the authorized dealer for many numerous popular audio-visual brands as well as HONGKONG, MACAU. Powerful marketing and service ability earned acknowledgement from partners and reputations from clients, thus marketing has shifted from DONGGUAN to the world.

    Sales Plate
  • Culture Plate

    Cross-field Development with Culture Forging Swords

    Not only does Longjoin dedicated in providing world-class audio-visual system R&D, production and sales, it focuses more on the broadcasting of music culture; its music culture module joined with well-known national music institutions, agencies, record companies and state-owned brands to hold numerous cultural exchange campaigns, competitions and other activities, to assist the progression of music society. To help general population in understanding, practicing thus falling in love with music. It sure does provide a platform for music enthusiasts.

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  • Culture Plate
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