A world-class integrated platform in the musical culture industry

Board of Directors

Chairman Chen Yi

York Chan Board Chairman of Longjoin Group

Mr. York Chan, male, of the Han nationality, was born in 1969.
He graduated from Shenzhen University, China Central Radio & TV University and the University of Northern Virginia, with a master’s degree, and is a famous entrepreneur.
Present posts: Board Chairman of Longjoin Group, Dean/senior lecturer of Longjoin Business School, and President/General Manager of Longjoin Electronics.

In August 2004, founded Shenzhen Longjoin Electronics Co., Ltd., acting as the general manager;
In October 2010, established Dongguan Longjoin Electronics Co., Ltd., acting as the general manager;
In March 2013, established Longjoin Group Company, acting as the group chairman, board chairman and president;
In May 2014, cooperated with Wasion group and Chinese American Scientist Mr. Xuejian Chen to establish REDX International Technology LTD;
In August 2015, returned to Zhanjiang and purchased a piece of land of more than apprx 213,000m² there to construct Longjoin Hi-Tech Industrial Zone;
In December 2015, took up the post of Honorary Chairman of Dongguan Zhanjiang Chamber of Commerce;
In April 2016, took up the post of Honorary Chairman of China Disc Jockey Association, China Association of Recording Engineers;
In September 2016, established Longjoin Business School, acting as the dean;
In November 2016, joined hands with former Tianhe group to establish new Longjoin Group, initiating the new era of Longjoin.
Owns 40 subsidiaries of four main plates: R&D plate, manufacturing plate, sales plate, and culture plate,serves as Board Chairman and President of Longjoin Group.

Feng Jiyong, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors

John Feng Board Vice-chairman of Longjoin Group

Mr. John Feng, male, of the Han nationality, was born in 1969.He graduated from Northeast Heavy Machinery Institute (Yanshan University at present), majoring in Industrial Electric Automation. At the university, he acted as the Chairman of the institute students’ union, the chairman of the municipal students’ federation, the vice-chairman of the municipal youth federation, and the vice-chairman of the provincial students’ federation.
Present posts: Board Vice-chairman of Longjoin Group, senior lecturer of Longjoin Business School, Chairman of Avmedia, and CEO of Hangzhou Wayfind.

In September 1992, graduated from Yanshan University and then worked as a teacher at Harbin University of Science and Technology;
In March 1993, resigned and went to Shenzhen, and in April, took office at IAG;
In June 1994, resigned from IAG, although the salary was high, and went back to hometown to start business;
In September 1994, established a small shop of 24m² with two employees including himself;
During 1995-2000, established Heilongjiang Tianhe Flagship Lighting and Acoustic Co., Ltd., Heilongjiang Tianhe Weiye Intelligent Building Engineering Co., Ltd., Heilongjiang Tianhe Universal Intelligent Audio and Video System Engineering Co., Ltd., Shenyang Aiwei Sound & Light Electronics;
After 2000, established more than 10 famous enterprises in the industry including Guangzhou Galaxy Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Harbin Tianhe, Shenzhen Idea Sound International Trade Co., Ltd., and Hangzhou Wayfind Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.;
In 2002, based on the above companies, established Tianhe group, with its subordinate enterprises successively becoming the general agency of many world well-known brands such as PEAVEY, CREST AUDIO and KV2 in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao; created AVMEDIA, MOTIVITY, SOUNDPOWER and other domestically well-known brands; has more than 400 employees and the output value of more than 200 million yuan and has achieved good economic and social benefits;
In 2008, established Guangzhou AVMEDIA Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. to provide high-quality audio and video products and technical services;
During 2009-2012, led Avmedia realize world well-known audio brands’ increase of 500% in China and thus became a myth in the industry;
In 2016, led all enterprises subordinate to Tianhe group to join hands with Longjoin Group to establish the new Longjoin Group and took up the post of Board Vice-chairman of Longjoin Group.

Aspirational ambitions carry Longjoin soaring to the succeeding future. ——York Chan

Win-win cooperation is the general trend. 2016 is an important year in the development history of Longjoin. Longjoin Group was jointly created by Mr. John Feng and me. Our group’s leading team has been forging ahead harmoniously with determination and writing a passionate legend of our enterprise.
We innovate in framework and concepts to build our brands. Longjoin Group is a most professional large-scale high-tech enterprise in the world focusing on the audio and video industry and integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales, service, cultural transmission, personal experience and training in the music and culture fields with diversified development. It owns 28 subsidiaries of four main plates – R&D, manufacturing, sales and culture. It has established strategic partnership with such world well-known brands as PEAVEY, KV2, MEDIAMATRIX, CREST AUDIO, FISHMAN, LINE6, ALTO and SAMSON and has created some famous brands like MIDIPLUS, MOTIVITY, MUSICROWN, Thinuna and G.L.S.
Today, Longjoin takes great action again. We have purchased a piece of land of more than apprx 213,000m² in Zhanjiang, a large harbor city, to establish Longjoin High-tech Industrial Zone and build a green, intelligent manufacturing base. In the future, piano, hardware, plastic, electronic, wooden case processing and other high-tech audio and video products will go global.
We should well control the development direction and well conduct strategic positioning, resource integration and shared governance of services; strengthen enterprise cultural construction, spread our corporate culture, set up internal communication platforms and improve our staff’s quality to show our Longjoin people’s elegant demeanor and promote our enterprise’s image.
We should forge a learning growth-type enterprise, as knowledge changes one’s fate and thinking decides one’s way out. Longjoin Business School is an important window for our group to train and attract talents and a significant base for developing and inheriting our corporate culture. We should do good work in such aspects as talent cultivation, cultural inheritance, strategic realization and organizational reform to drive the development of Longjoin, shape the overall image of Longjoin and enhance its competitiveness.
Chinese brands have started to influence the world, and Longjoin Group will continue to make greater contributions to the development of our national brands. Intelligence will create the future, and quality will shape our life. Having been paying attention to the world’s cutting edge, we will continue to provide high-quality products for you to make your life different from others’ and full of happiness, and this is the direction our group is marching towards.
Longjoin will fly like a dragon and develop healthily worldwide. Following the corporate vision of “Focusing on breakthroughs and innovation in audio and video technologies and developing Longjoin Group into a world-class integrated platform in the musical culture industry”, Longjoin people will surely bring new glory to our group!

Forging ahead with a combatting spirit, Longjoin platform is blazing in the industry. ——Feng Jiyong

Mr. president Chen Yi and I are both born at the end of the 60s, it is seemed as a luck to be born in such period nobody has experience hunger, all education is paid from primary school to college; and jobs were arranged after graduation, reforms has made to accommodate those active individuals. We underwent third-world, leaped through second-world and now soaring in the well-developed world. We are experiencing the daily advancement of our nation, as if we are carving a line of “sky wheel” every day.
The year 2016 is the most important year in 22 years of my own business. I brought more than ten sub-companies under the command of the group, with Mr., president ChenYi as CEO in a 7-member board, together we started Longjoin Group. Because of likeness of our beliefs, especially the one’s of Mr. Chen and mine. There has been a tremendous development in the regrouped Longjoin, within two years, Longjoin has already become all-around platform enterprise with combined four elements productions, R&D, sales, culture!
the prospect of Longjoin Group is to build an all-around platform for music industry. But as the proverb says: “although the path ahead is pitch dark and winding, it is time to regroup and forward. Besides the advantage of our production and research modules, we also need to improve our modules on sales and culture, to gain larger market share in certain domains, such as education, outdoor amplifications, home quick-sales, professional theatre, etc.
Along the path, we deeply realized that outstanding talents are not to be employed, to expand the scale of enterprise, to cooperation is the only way. In this way, we hope more gifted talents can join the family of Longjoin, at this favorable time, endeavor to build a Longjoin Group with sense of happiness and social responsibilities.

Chen Yi

Feng Jiyong

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  • The stronger will to learn is more important that personal background and upbringing.
    it doesn’t matter where at the start, it can be high or low, it is the passions to learn that must be higher.

  • Success is further away if learning is despised
    a noble person is away if you disrespect teachers

  • A person that becomes the liability of others will be abandoned
    he who relies on your support will promise you with life.

  • You will become who you are usually with.
    To find a new client exhaust ten-folds of energy than maintaining an old one.

  • It is equal between client and me, as it is between me and suppliers.

  • One out of five people should help when you are in need.

  • From 1-100 capacity. If a person has 100 capacities, if only 50 is applied, then only a 50 result is achieved;
    a person with only 60 capacities with maximum effort should yield a 60 result.

  • All industries are making profit, but not all companies are.

  • Not strive to perfection, but thrive with efforts.
    All outcome is essential of the process, don’t leave chances to regret.

  • Endeavor to travel along with a thousand leaders but not to command a thousand employees.

  • Do not abandon the virtue of people with little mischief
    do not forget the grace of people over petty complaints

  • We are caught up in the great time of national renovation, dreams will come true with dedications.

  • There is no omnipotent talent
    With the efforts of people with similar worldview, dreams will come true.

  • Tolerate the shortcoming of self but not others: the start of success. Appreciate the advantage of others but not of your own: the start of progression.
    Remember the benignity of others and forget the flaws: the start of kindness. Pursue inner peace and balance mind: the start of happiness.

  • Not to be clarified with everything.
    To take responsibility, to act, to dissolve, to turn around, to change, able to think for oneself, more so to the others, that is the way.

  • There is no permanent success for a company, only continuous problems;
    there is no everlasting comfort for a leader, only perpetual reflection; there is no unprecedented manual for management, only ceaseless perfection.

Chen Yi
Feng Jiyong

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