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DJ equipment

Maybe some devices on the DJ stage caught your interests when you went to the bar. DJs appear to be very cool when operating these seemingly complicated devices, this may bring out your fascination of DJ devices.

E-MUSICER has all general types of DJ equipment in the market, as well as modern DJ digital classroom, so students have full access to equipment they need. To facilitate student learning, the company also provides sales and maintenance of all kinds of equipment. The company has close cooperation with major brand equipment manufacturers in the world. It is the only agent of NUMARK and MONSTER GODJ in China. It is also the only cooperative education and promotion organization authorized by SERATO, a popular DJ software manufacturer.

Mr. Wang, Deshun, became China's hottest master in 2015. In 2016, he learned DJ techniques at the age of 80. Mr. Chen, Shen is the first to represent China in world-class DJ contest, he has brought back outstanding results. 

E-MUSICER follows the main line of experimental sales concept of online/offline synchronizations, allowing users to purchase equipment with wholesale price.

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