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Dragon souring in four Seas, travel across the world - Guangdong LONJOIN High-tech Industrial Park Opening Ceremony

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Guangdong Longjoin Group is a large private enterprise focusing on the professional field of audio and video. The company is visioning of building a world-class comprehensive platform for music culture industry with constant evolving and advancing.

In the afternoon of October 16, 2017, the opening ceremony of the Guangdong Longjoin High-tech Industrial Park was held in the Kyushu Economic Development Zone of Lianjiang City, which was invested by Guangdong Longjoin Group.

Longjoin Industrial Park is located in this fertile soil bordering Guangxi and adjacent to the Northern Gulf. It will flourish and develop rapidly. The industrial park covers an area of more than 320 mu and will be operated from various aspects such as marketing, R&D, professional manufacturing, global network sales, engineering project acceptance, product application, audio and video professional technical training, music culture experience, cultural education, etc.

it is a major initiative to cover ecological industry chain. The Industrial Park will provide a modern factory and office environment for the development of Longjoin Group, and concentrate on its advantages and develop a business model that cannot be replicated and can be developed steadily.

The opening ceremony was held at 14:00 pm. More than 1,000 people from business circles, industry elites, government representatives and representatives from all walks of life gathered around to visit the office buildings, factories and residential areas of the first phase of the industrial park. They also enjoy the grand music brought by the Longjoin Group Cultural Sector Company and its foreign counterparts.

The opening ceremony of the Industrial Park officially began at 16:00. The guests and the employees of Longjoin Group witnessed this great and solemn moment. First of all, Mr. Feng Jiyong, Vice Chairman of the Group, gave a welcome speech. Mr. Chen ,Yi, Chairman of the Group, delivered thanks to him.

Subsequently, Longjoin Industrial Park accepted the congratulations from partners, customer representatives, representatives of the industrial and commercial circles, and local government representatives. In every sound of salute, the key leaders and guest representatives attending the event and the leaders of Longjoin Group officially started the opening of the park.

Longjoin Group is building an industry chain group with unique characteristics in China's audio and video industry with the purpose of building a strong and vital national brand. The Longjoin high-tech industrial park will be an important part of Longjoin development strategy after it is officially put into production. Longjoin Group will adhere to the core values of honesty, tolerance, unity and hard- working ethics, gratitude and dedication, value creation, and win-win approach; to a sharing of quality musical life and becoming a company bringing happiness, responsibility and contribution to society. It will focus on the breakthrough and innovation of audio and video professional technology, with a vision of becoming a world-class music culture industry comprehensive platform onward!

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